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Tutoring Services:

We offer Undergraduate Tutoring for Topics such as:

  1. Math:
    Algebra (MA101)
    Trigonometry (MA111)
    Calculus (MA141, MA241)
  2. Science:
    Chemistry (CH101)
    Physics (PY205, PY208)
    Material Science (MSE200)
    Thermodynamics (MAE301)
    Statics (CE214)
    Dynamics (CE215)
    Traffic (CE305)
    Solids (CE313)
    Structural Analysis (CE325)
    Reinforced Concrete (CE327)
    Materials of Construction (CE332)
    Soils (CE342)
    Hydraulics (CE382)
    Hydrology (CE383)
    Matrix Structural Analysis (CE425)
    Steel Design (CE426)

    Undergraduate Tutoring Rates:
    On-the-fly - $25/hr
    Prepared - $35/hr

We offer Specialty Tutoring for Topics such as:

  1. Drafting:
    Hand Tools
    AutoCAD (R12-2010)
  2. Calculator Programming
  3. Supplemental FE
  4. Supplemental PE

    Specialty Tutoring Rates:
    On-the-fly - $45/hr
    Prepared - $55/hr

Be sure to ask about our Group Rates and Subjects Not Listed.

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